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Smooth Operation, Elegant Design
Shangri-La's soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics blend to create a unique visual experience.

Horizontal fabric vanes float between two layers of soft, knitted sheers.

Available in 2-inch and 3-inch vane widths.


Designer Hardware
Shangri-La DoorStyles attach to the window frame or door with hinges and tilt open and closed with the simple touch of a handle.

The head rail offers a sleek, smooth, unobtrusive look that coordinates with the bottom rail and the color of the fabric.



Modern Options
Hinges and handles are available in white, polished brass and brushed silver to complement your door and window hardware.

6' and 12' expandable poles are available for opening and closing DoorStyles in hard to reach transoms and sidelights.  


Soft Fabrics, Unique Performance
Our Shangri-La fabric has a delicate feel but is made of a durable polyester. You'll benefit from:

  • Easy Cleaning: Feather dusting or light vacuuming is all that is needed.  
  • Color Choices: Choose from a variety of colors in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics.
  • 3-inch Vane Options: Provide greater view-through in our most popular colors. 
  • Long Lengths: Maximum lengths of up to 96" for extra long sidelights.


Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our commitment to your satisfaction!
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