Presenting: SilverScreen Fabrics

A contemporary style combined with thermal comfort, the SilverScreen fabrics are the latest innovative option available in Envision Roller Shades, Panel Track and Serenade Roman Shades.


  • Limits eye-straining glare, providing visual comfort
  • Maintains view-through so that your view from inside is not limited 
  • Improved temperature and draft control, providing thermal comfort in your home


About SilverScreen™

A technical innovation in sunscreens, SilverScreen fabrics feature an ultra fine layer of aluminum on the back side of the fabric, dramatically increasing solar energy performance. Learn more at 

Colors Available




Light Grey

Dark Gray

silver screen bronze

silver screen misty grey

silver screen steel grey

silver screen chocolate brown


Misty Grey

Steel Grey

Chocolate Brown
silver screen black silver screen dark beige    
Black Dark Beige