Color Of the Month | June | Classic Teal

Color Lux 3/4" Linen Weave Cellular Classic Teal and Coordinates

Just because a color is timeless doesn’t mean it can’t be bold. “Classic Teal” has persisted because it pops. It’s a Chevy Roadster. A pair of Chuck Taylor’s. A pearl necklace. It’s Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind saying he doesn’t give a damn. It can make any room in your house defined, yet daring.

Teal is known to open lines of communication between the head and the heart, allowing you to express your true self. In fact, psychologists say that too little teal in your life may cause you to withhold your emotions, leading to secrecy, unresolved issues, and confusion about your direction in life. Teal liberates you from doubt; unshackles you from fear.

It also has the power to increase creativity, heighten empathy, and foster spiritual growth. This is perfect to use in a nursery for your newborn, or in your favorite reading room, or in your dining room to savor those precious few moments when the whole family is together.

Here at Comfortex Window Fashions, our color experts have created a “Color Harmony Palette” for you to pair dozens of rich, yet relaxing tones with “Classic Teal.” A pop of “Light Breeze” or a splash of “White Sand” will transport you and turn your house into a personal oasis. You will fill your lungs with a Cape Cod summer and exhale above the canals of Venice. You can come home to the whole world.

This is the time to start anew. Unclutter your mind. Smile brighter. Laugh deeper than you ever have. Live in color this summer with “Classic Teal” and visit to see our over 800 color options.

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