Color Of The Month | July | Scarlet Pink

Color Lux 3/4" Linen Weave Cellular Scarlet Pink and Coordinates

One part sinful, one part soothing. Our Shade Color of the Month fuses the sexiness of scarlet with the gentle, nurturing tones of pink. Scarlet Pink. It’s striking. It’s potent. It’s a weapon to be used discreetly, like a red-bottom stiletto or a fresh coat of nail polish.

Color experts adore Scarlet Pink because it provides the best of two distinct worlds. It’s gentle enough to make any room in your house peaceful and inviting, and the scarlet undertones draw the eye. In fact, the British Parliament once tried to ban scarlet lip
stick because they considered the color to be “too alluring.”

Psychologists have found that exposure to the color pink makes people more empathic, more sensitive, and emotionally balanced. It also dispels any feelings of anger or worry that might be swirling in your mind.

In decorating, pink can transport you to the most beautiful ends of the earth. Imagine walking among the cherry blossoms in Japan, the tulip fields in Holland, or sitting on a beach in Hawaii, watching the sunset.

Think back on what pink means to you; let it fill you with happiness. It was the first blanket in your crib. The ribbon in your hair. The blush you wore on your first date. The icing on your wedding cake. It’s a color that’s always been there for you and now you can return to it.

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