7 Tips for Buying Window Shades and Blinds


Finding the perfect window fashions for your home might seem like a rigorous task. The options can feel overwhelming, the various features too confusing. But, with a little help from our experts at Comfortex Window Fashions, choosing window shades and blinds will become the cherry on top of home furnishing. Windows are the eyes of a home. They are a subtle, but essential part of decorating. With the right combination of function and style, window treatments can transform any room into a stunning work of art.

Here are seven must-know tips for choosing a set of beautiful window shades and blinds:

1. Decide which room you’re furnishing:

The buying process becomes much simpler once you decide which room (or rooms) you are furnishing. Each room in your house has its own personality and purpose, so choose your window treatments accordingly. For example, if you are looking to buy shades for your kitchen, try sheer shadings or light-filtering shades to let more light in. On the other hand, if you are decorating your bedroom, slumber shades and room darkening cellular shades are the best way to provide privacy and less light filtration. And then there’s fashion side of it. Your living room, for instance, might be the spot in your house that should pop. Maybe this is the room to try something colorful, something bold.


2. Understand your options:

Window shades and blinds are generally broken down into four different features: privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and fashion. While most people would ideally like to find a window shade that offers all of these features, sometimes you have to make tough choices and decide which aspects you value most. Again, these decisions are often contingent on the room you are decorating. A variety of control options are also available to operate the shade and will be part of the final decision. Be sure to review all of the options available for your shade.


3. Who is in your home?

Most window coverings professionals recommend tailoring your window fashions to the members of your household. If you have young children in the house, purchase cordless shades for the utmost safety. Or, if you have tall, difficult to reach windows, you might want to consider adding motorization for easy and stress free operation.


4. Measure, Measure, Measure!

Perhaps the number one mistake people make when buying window shades (or when furnishing a home in general) is not measuring the space you are decorating. Break out that tape measure and find the dimensions of your windows before going through the hassle of buying shades that are the wrong size. If you are especially worried about making sure your window treatments fit, it might even be worth the money to hire a window coverings professional who will offer measuring and installation assistance.


5. Find out which direction your windows face:

This little tip is an easy way to further understand which type of shade is best for you. Windows facing west and south tend to receive more heat and light and, as a result, you will want to keep the room cool with a set of thicker shades, like cellular shades or SunScreen shades which are specifically designed to diminish heat gain and control light. Windows facing east or north are easier to furnish because they aren’t exposed to the same harsh conditions.


6. Talk to a window coverings professional:

Contacting one of our window professionals assures that you’ll find the perfect set of shades. Our experts know the industry and what’s best for your home. Contact us at (800) 843-4151 or visit our website at comfortex.com and we will get you in touch with your local Comfortex window coverings professional today.


7. Have fun with it!

Don’t let decorating be daunting. It’s supposed to be fun. Choosing window shades is a small way of expressing yourself and making your house feel like a home!

35 thoughts on “7 Tips for Buying Window Shades and Blinds

  • I can see how knowing where you plan to put your blinds would definitely help you figure out what type that you would want. I didn’t know that they made blinds specifically designed to let in the most light possible – those sound really good for a kitchen or a sitting room! I imagine that it would be important to make sure the color and material went with the flow of your building as well.

  • I agree that finding out what direction your window faces is important when choosing blinds. It would seem that you need to consider where it is in relation to the sun to choose the right window covering. I’m redecorating my room so I’ll have to find out which way my windows face when I’m buying blinds.

  • We’ve been trying to get some new blinds, but our biggest problem was that we didn’t really know what was out there. I like how you broke down the types of blinds into four categories, though — privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and fashion. For us, the most important out of these would definitely be privacy, so we’ll try to base our decision off of that from now on. Thanks for giving us a great way to categorize shades!

  • Thanks for the tips for choosing window shades. We have a few young kids at home, and I would never have thought about making sure we get cordless shades. We will definitely have to do that so we can make our house as safe as possible.

  • Thanks for the tips on buying window shades. I never thought about how the room you are furnishing will influence the type of shades you choose. It makes sense that you would want different shades for your bedroom and kitchen. My husband is a really light sleeper, so I definitely want shades for our room that won’t let any light in. Hopefully, I can find the right ones for all the other areas of my home as well.

  • I didn’t even think of choosing blinds based on the direction of the window. I know that my bedroom faces the sun when it rises and it does drive me a little crazy. Perhaps I’ll have to look into blinds that are darker. Then hopefully I can sleep in a little longer.

  • I never knew that there were specific names for the types of windows. I like the fact that there are ones if you want privacy, and ones you can use if you want sunlight coming through. Knowing what kind of blinds, and the style you want the room to be can make the decision process much easier. I’m putting blinds up in my house and wish I would have thought the process out before the shopping as to add less stress to the process!

  • I like your tip to consider which direction your windows face when choosing blinds. My master bedroom faces west. It’d be good to get some heavy shades or blinds to completely block out the sun in the afternoon.

  • I’ve wanted to get my wife some new blinds installed for our home, and I really like your suggestion to measure and be sure that we get the right size. I’m going to have to be very sure that we get the perfect blinds that my wife will love! I’ll have to make sure I measure the windows correctly, and maybe see if the store offers blind installation! Thanks for the tips!

  • I thought the tip to determine what direction your window faces in order to get the right type of blinds was really good. I have a couple south facing windows that tend to let in much more light and heat than the other ones. Getting a thicker blind that is more effective at blocking out heat isn’t something I had previously considered, but I’ll be sure to look into it now.

  • After moving into an older home, my sister is looking for good window treatments. She has noticed her energy bill is higher than usual, so she’s looking for something that can increase efficiency. I never knew finding out which direction the window faces can help you determine how thick of a window shade you want to use. This info should help my sister make a good decision. Thanks!

  • These awesome tips have made the difficult task of choosing the perfect window shade easier! As I have kids, I am definitely going to purchase cordless shades for my home’s safety. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

  • I have recently decided that my house needs new window blinds, so I’m really glad I came across this article. I really like the tip in this article that reminds you to measure your windows before buying curtains or blinds for them. This is definitely something that can be easily overlooked! Thank you for the tips on getting new window coverings, I’ll definitely refer back to them!

  • I appreciated your comment on measuring the location you’re going to add blinds to before you add them. You made a good point to measure the dimensions first, so you don’t end up buying ones that don’t fit. My husband and I are considering updating our room and we want to add some custom blinds.

    • Glad you liked our post Ashley! We offer various custom wood blind products in corded, cordless and motorized options. Our faux wood blinds can be found here and our high end Basswood blinds can be found here. When you find what you like or if you’d like to see samples you can find the closest Comfortex dealer near you by visiting this page. Good luck with the updates to your room!

  • I like the idea of having light-filtering shades for the window. My wife is a light sleeper and very sensitive to any kind of light that shines on her. I’ll have to think about getting some darkening shades so she can get some sleep.

  • We are going through the process of trying to decide what curtains and blinds will be the best for our home. I would definitely agree that measuring everything exactly is extremely important. Sometimes measurements can be different and so it’s important to make sure that they are accurate. Thanks for the advice!

  • I’ve been wanting to get some new blinds for our living room, and I think that some information would be good for us. I’m glad you talked about being able to understand your options for blinds, which I think would be smart. I’ll have to do some research about different blinds options, and see what we can find!

  • Thanks for mentioning how you should tailor your window coverings to the members of your home. It is important to understand that doing this can not only help you have a custom result but also have it feel more like home. I understand that doing some research and compare several companies can help you find the best company to help you with your windows.

  • I agree that you need to consider what direction your windows face when choosing a window treatment. It would be good to consider this because it would show you how much light you are letting into your room. My husband and I want new blinds in our bedroom, so we’ll have to find what way our windows face first.

  • I would love to get all new blinds throughout my home. I like that you suggested keeping your space in mind when choosing blinds. I want more natural light to be able to come through in my living room than I do in my bedroom. I will have to choose sheer shades and blinds with larger slats.

  • My husband and I recently moved into a house in a very warm area and the temperature can get pretty high during the summer months. I was considering getting window shades to help cool the house off, and I really appreciated your advice about the four different features of window shades. This article was very helpful and I will use your advice when purchasing blinds and shades for my home.

  • It really can help to take the article’s advice and make sure that you properly measure your windows before buying blinds. After all, you want to make sure that the blinds you do buy will actually fit on your windows. In order to ensure this you have to make sure that they are the exact right size and it might even help to hire an installation service to make sure that they are put on right.

  • Thank you for suggesting that if you have young children in your home you may want to purchase cordless shades or blinds. I love this statement because I know my 4-year-old daughter would love to play with the cord. My husband and I are needing to put new shades in our house and we are trying to figure out what we want. I think we should look into rolling shades. Hopefully, we find the right company to buy these from.

  • You’ve got great tips for buying blinds. I like how you said that you need to understand your options. With different styles and materials, I can see why it’s important to do some research!

  • I like the tip that you gave to match your shades with the rest of the furniture in that room. My wife and I have been talking about finding new shades for our home before we put it up for sale, and it would be important for us to know that we could find some that will look nice. If we decide to find new shades, I will be sure to choose some based off of the furniture.

  • Wow, I had no idea that the number one reason people make mistakes when decorating is not measuring the space. My husband and I are redecorating our living room and we are buying new blinds next. We will be sure to remember to measure the windows before we go in to buy the blinds.

  • I’m glad that you mentioned that blinds come in four different options and we need to understand our options before purchasing. My wife really wants to get some roller blinds to put on our windows. This information you shared will help us to find the right kind of blinds to install on our windows.

  • Wow, I had no idea that they even made cordless blinds for safety. My sister has a bunch of little ones in her home, and she is worried about their well-being at all times. I will be sure to send this to her so she can consider cordless blinds as well s other factors that play into buying binds.

  • It’s interesting to know that you can choose between privacy, light control, energy efficiency or fashin when you are looking to replace your blinds. My husband and I are working on a huge remodeling project for our living room, and I believe that it will be great to replace the blinds as well. I will call a professional to help me choose the best material for our needs.

  • I really like how you mention that the process of buying window shades can be simpler based on your current room furnishing. My wife and I are thinking about changing our living room window coverings because yesterday our toddler son ripped them off the wall while playing. It seems that looking at our current furniture and picking the options we want such as light control or energy efficiency will make our decision easier.

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