Color of the Month | May | Sun Dance

Color Lux May color fro the Month | Sundance

This month, the design experts here at Comfortex have gone through eight hundred different options in our Color Lux Collection to choose the perfect color for your home. A color that embodies the lush, refreshing sensation of spring. A color that’s as striking as the season itself: Sun Dance

Sun Dance is a gentle, yet eye-catching shade of pink. The color is astonishingly versatile, especially considering how it attracts attention in every room that it’s in. Paired with white, Sun Dance evokes sophistication and elegance. Paired with black, Sun Dance takes on a chic, sexy edge.

You can also combine Sun Dance with any of the options in this month’s color palette, which was also carefully chosen by our design experts. Palmetto Pink is a richer shade of pink, which provides that necessary splash of something bold. Hazelwood and Ashwood Tan are timeless neutrals which will put a room in perfect balance.

Pink, in all of its tints and hues, is strongly associated with nature, specifically seasons of bloom. Adding Sun Dance to your home will whisk you away to Dutch tulip fields or to groves of cherry blossom trees in Japan.

But, don’t let Sun Dance’s springtime-feeling make you forget how enduring of a color it is. Pink has been a fashion statement for decades, a mainstay of style. Think pink lipstick. 50’s pink Cadillac’s. Jay Gatsby’s pink suit.

Sun Dance harnesses the power of pink and adds its own unique flair.

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