5 Ways Window Shades and Blinds Will Improve Your Home

Cellular, sheer, wood, roller, roman, panel – no matter what kind of window covering you choose, you’ll find shades and blinds offer distinct advantages in both style and substance. If you’re hoping to make your home not only more beautiful, but also more functional, shades and blinds are your best choice. Here’s why.

1.      A clean, crisp look

Color Lux Roller Shades in Living Room

Shades and blinds enhance your carefully crafted décor. Available in matching and complementary colors, their minimalist aesthetic and timeless appeal balances any style, while keeping all the attention on your furnishings and decorations.

 2.      Easy to care for

Most shades and blinds need only a quick wipe with a dust cloth or a light vacuuming once or twice a year to look their best. And, unlike curtains, there’s no need to remove them for laundering or dry cleaning. Check out our Comfortex Window Fashions suggestions on how to clean different types of window shades.

 3.      Customizable

Choose from hundreds of fabrics and colors. Mix and match colors to contrast or complement your wall color. Select the sleek and modern look of roller shades, the soft feel of sheer shadings, the romantic folds of roman shades, or the classic charm of wood blinds. You can even pair blinds and shades along with traditional fabric panels to get all the functionality you need and the layered look you want.

4.      Simple to install

Man installing cassette roller blinds on windows

With just a few simple measurements and a screwdriver, many blinds and shades make an easy DIY project that can transform a room in no time at all. Accurate measuring is important, and many custom window treatment websites offer instructions or videos on how to measure to ensure a proper fit.

5.      Control light, views, privacy, security, and temperature

Motorized Sheer Shades in Living room

Blinds and shades offer you a full range of precision adjustments. Raise them and they practically disappear, offering unobstructed views. Lowered, they not only provide complete privacy, but also protect against harmful UV rays that can fade your wood floor and furnishings. Manage your privacy-

to-light ratio by tilting slats and vanes open or closed. Choose cellular shades to increase insulation and reduce energy costs. Motorized shades allow you to eliminate potentially dangerous cords, easily adjust out-of-reach windows, and increase your home’s security with smart-home apps that give you the option to open and close shades remotely, even while at work or on vacation.

Ready to add beauty and function to your home with shades or blinds? The Comfortex website has all the information you need to get started, including a proprietary color-matching tool and a complete list of dealers near you.

23 thoughts on “5 Ways Window Shades and Blinds Will Improve Your Home

  • I’m glad that blinds and shades offer a full range of adjustments. I have been wanting some different window treatments instead of just curtains. I will have to give blinds a try and see if I like those!

  • The best part of your blog for me is when you talked about how you can mix and match colors of different fabrics and colors to either contrast or complement your wall color when you decide to install window shades and blinds. My plan is to give our house a newer and unique look. It will absolutely be great for me to try experimenting matching different fabrics for the window shades of my house to achieve the look that I’m looking for in a window shade. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  • Thanks for mentioning how you need to consider your privacy and the light you want when getting shades. It is important to remember that doing this can help you choose the type of blinds that can provide the right amount of your style. We want to get new blinds, so I’m glad I found your page.

  • One of the things that my fiance and I want to fix up in our home are the blinds and shades. We are thinking that this could be a really great financial move for us. We like that this will allow us to control light, views, and privacy in our home.

  • I love the simplicity and sophistication blinds add to a room. They are just a great addition to the work space that it’s always something I account for when I’m buying office space. That color matching tool is going to be so useful, thanks for sharing!

  • I didn’t know that adding window blinds could be so beneficial to a home! It makes sense that it would complete the look for my home. The fact they are so easy to take care of means I don’t have an excuse not to get them!

  • I like what you said about blinds can add to a clean crisp look with their minimalist aesthetic and also how you talk about privacy and security. My wife and I really want to get blinds installed in our house so that we can have more privacy in our home. We’ll have to look into what our options are and hopefully get some soon.

  • I totally agree with you in that it is important to measure carefully when installing window treatments. It is important to understand that doing some research can help you know what the best blinds are for your windows. Personally, I would also want to consult with a professional in order to find the best way to control the lighting and energy efficiency of our home.

  • It’s great that you mentioned how there are now available smart-home apps that give homeowners the option to open and close the shades remotely while away. My wife is looking to add a remote-controlled blinds system for our house, and she’ll be happy to know that there are now smart-home configurations that can allow her to adjust things around the house while she’s still at work. We’ll probably need to start looking around for professional home automation services that can help us with the project.

  • Thank you for pointing out why we should get shade. I just moved and need to get some blinds. I’ll have to do some research and find the best place in my area to get them.

  • To be honest, I like to have a crisp, clean look to my home. I like that you said that window blinds are easy to care for so I might have one installed by an interior design service next week. Since they’re customizable as well, I’m sure that I can have some installed that will match my home’s interior.

  • It’s great that soft window shades are easy to install. Whenever I start a DIY project I’m afraid that it’ll prove to be more challenging than I can handle. Knowing that this will be an easy project, I might install some soft window shades.

  • You mentioned that many blinds and shades make an easy DIY project that can transform a room. This is great to know, especially because I just moved into my first house! The area is missing something, I think that window treatments are what’s missing.

  • I am looking for ways to improve the look and style of my home. It makes sense that adding blinds to my windows are easy to customize and I can choose the best color and style to compliment the rest of my home. Also, it would be nice to have shades because they can control the light, view, and temperature in my home.

  • I like how the article explains that shades are easy to install. We are wanting new shades in our home. It is nice to know that they are easy to install in our home.

  • I like how you said that installing blinds can prevent UV rays from penetrating through your window to prevent discoloration of the walls and floor. I can’t really decide what type of window installation should I purchase because of my budget. In the future, I will contact a window remodeling contractor to help me with this.

  • I love that you wrote about customizing window shades and blinds to contrast or compliment the color and style of your walls. My sister is thinking of remodeling the inside of her home and I would think the right shades could add a lot to a room. She should start looking at colors and companies that can help her get the perfect custom ambiance.

  • Thank you for a wonderful overview and detailing of ways window shades blinds will improve home.your thoughts; obviously you know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to use too,I’ve bookmark it in my folder.

  • It’s awesome that their appearance balances any style because of how simple they are. I’m trying to give my bedroom a new look and I want to try something other than traditional blinds. I think roller blinds would be perfect for the look I’m going for.

  • Hence, knowing these benefits of the blinds were great! Our Blinds are also super stylish with custom-designed fabrics that are mesmerizing in looks. Check out the wide range of Blinds & other Window Manufacturers products at reasonable rates.

  • I love how you said there’s no need to remove blinds for dry cleaning because that’ll save us a lot of time. I used to have to wash our curtains about every other month, just to make sure they were clean. With blinds, I can just wipe off the dust and move on!

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