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A Cellular Blind Review

  When my husband and I purchased our home back in 2014, I looked at him and thought he was crazy… seven sliding doors!!! I thought they were beautiful, but at the same time I grew slightly anxious about the lack of privacy.

After purchasing a home, it takes time to settle in and make it look cozy. We have lived in our house almost 5 years and we’re still adding decorations and continuing to make improvements, one of those includes hanging window treatments.

Since then we have welcomed our daughter and the way we view our interiors is much different. The primary focus with a toddler in the home is safety, as well as privacy. Remember how I said we have seven sliding doors and lots of windows? That makes childproofing a challenge.  

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My goal is to find the best products for my child and pass that information to other moms who also want a healthy life for their little ones.

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