Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen Window Treatments

Color Lux by Comfortex

  Window treatments. It always sounded like a term that my parents and their friends talked about. The thought of investing in them seemed too formal and expensive for my taste (or so I thought). I always limited my options to whatever I could find in stock at Target or Lowes - and that my friends was about all the knowledge I had when it came to window treatments.

A few months ago I was excited to be contacted from a well-known company called Comfortex. Comfortex is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial windows treatments. They were excited to share that they were reimagining the world of window fashions. Through the use of technology and innovative design, they have created a new way for homes to incorporate a custom window treatment that is both modern and appealing. When asked if I would be interested in working with them my reaction was immediate - YES YES YES!!!  

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