5%-10%-15% Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Color Lux Order Volume Discount Program and why is Comfortex offering this program?

Comfortex created this exciting profit building incentive to encourage our dealers to sell more Color Lux products. This program provides a special discount for each order of eligible Color Lux products (see list below) according to the below chart:

  • 5 to 9 units = 5% discount
  • 10 to 14 units = 10% discount
  • 15 or more units = 15% discount

PLEASE NOTE: By automating the promotion in our system, the discount will no longer be calculated based on all Color Lux orders placed in the same day. Eligibility will now be based on a single order.

Which Color Lux products count towards the Order Volume Discount program?
  • Color Lux Cellular Shades (including all Linen Weave, Verona, Boutique and Aspen)
  • Color Lux Cellular “Green” Fabric
  • Color Lux Cut Fabric
  • Color Lux Roller Shades
  • Color Lux Custom Graphic Shades
  • Color Lux Panel Track Shades
  • Color Lux Sheer Horizontal Shadings
  • Insulating SlumberShades (using Premiere Blackout fabric)
Which Color Lux products DO NOT count towards the Order Volume Discount program?
  • Roller fabric by the yard

NOTE: Orders and units for Color Lux display shades, sample shades, repairs, cut-downs, and parts orders are also excluded from the order volume discount  program.

What happens if there is a remake or an “oops order”?

An “oops order” remake will receive an additional 25% discount off your standard cost, not the net cost after the Order Volume Discount is applied. All fabrication related remakes will follow the standard Warranty Policy.

How will I receive the Order Volume Discount?

The discount will be applied instantly at the time you place your order and will be reflected in the quotes that you enter into DirectConnect.

Can Customer Service apply the Order Volume Discount for me?

No. Customer Service cannot apply the promotional discount.

What if I prefer to pre-pay my orders? Will I still receive the promotional discount?

Since the discount is instantly applied, pre pay customers will pay exactly what they owe. No credits need to be applied afterwards.

Do I receive the discount on the freight surcharge?

No. Freight charges do not qualify for the Order Volume Discount.

Who can I call if I have any questions on the Order Volume Discount program?

Questions can be directed to your Comfortex Business Development Manager, Customer Service, or our Accounting Department at 1-800-843-4151 (ext. 530282).

I do not currently have a Color Lux sample kit, but I am interested in the program. Who can I contact to receive a kit?

Contact your Comfortex Business Development Manager or our Customer Service Department to purchase your sample kit.