Color Lux Linen Weave Cellular

     Color Lux® Cellular Shades |  Verona Textures  | Pine Needle 

Cellular Honeycomb Door Shade

     Color Lux® Cellular Shades with Ovation |  Prairie Dust  | Cordless Ultra

     Cellular Shades  |  Verona™  |  Feather Gray  |  Simplicity Motorization 

     Color Lux® Cellular Shades |  Verona Textures  | Pine Needle

     Cellular Shades  |  Verona™  |  Malted Milk  |  Cordless Ultra

     Cellular Shades  |  Mezzo Skylight System |  Beige Room Darkening  |  Cordless Lift & Lock™


The enduring simplicity of Comfortex Cellular Shades, combined with their outstanding insulating capabilities, make them ideal for any setting. The patented single and double honeycomb fabrics block drafts, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. As they boost energy efficiency, they also effectively control light, offering a range of opacity levels from light filtering to blackout. Choose from traditional and cord-free hardware, including the Insulating SlumberShades™ – the ultimate blackout shade.



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