December 5, 2016

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Window Shadings

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Overtone Sheer Shades

Comfortex Shangri-La® Sheer Horizontal Shadings are available with the convenience and safety of Simplicity Radio Frequency (RF) Motorization Lift Systems, Cordless PowerTouch™ Push Button Control and Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization. Click here for Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization flyer. Motorized Shangri-La® Sheer Horizontal Shadings are Certified Best For Kids.

Radio Frequency control eliminates the need to point or aim the remote at the shade. This provides for more enhanced control of individual or groups of window coverings with the single press of a button, even from another room!

The PowerTouch system is most perfect for adjusting the vanes between open and closed; can also be used to raise and lower the window treatment.

The translucent sheer fabric vanes of Shangri-La® Sheer Window Shadings can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. And unlike any other window shading available, Shangri-La Window Shades can be raised with the vanes still open. Also available is the Shangri-La Collection of Room Darkening fabrics which are perfect for bedrooms, media rooms or anywhere additional light control is desired.

Shangri-La® Omni-View Hardware System, A Comfortex Exclusive!

Only Shangri-La Shadings features the innovative Omni-View System to ensure varying degrees of light control and privacy. Omni-View allows the shadings to be raised up to 24” with the vanes in the open, view through position. Omni-View System is standard on UltraSleek, UltraSleek Plus and Color Coordinated Aluminum Hardware Systems. There are variations in visibility through the shadings when the vanes are tilted to their maximum open positions. The following five modes can be obtained with standard shading operation when viewing the shading at eye level.

The image demonstrates the five channel transmitter remote control.

The image demonstrates the five channel transmitter remote control.

Comfortex Window Fashions with Simplicity Radio Frequency (RF) Motorization Lift Systems and Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization provides the ultimate in reliability, functionality and convenience. Cordless PowerTouch™ Push Button Control The PowerTouch option is an easy, cord free motorized operation for the budget savvy homeowner. PowerTouch uses Simplicity motors and components. The PowerTouch system is most perfect for adjusting the vanes between open and closed; can also be used to raise and lower the shading. Click for more information. CLICK FOR POWERTOUCH DEMONSTRATION. Choose from a variety of style and control options for a motorized solution that meets your needs.
  • Many Style Options: Motorization is available with a wide variety of Comfortex Window Fashions in many styles, fabric textures and colors.
  • Easy Operation: Raise, lower and tilt Comfortex Window Fashions with a touch of a button. It's no longer a hassle.
  • Control Options: Set your system to operate one shade or a group of shades at a time.
  • Child Safety: Motorized shades eliminates dangling lift cords that can hurt curious kids and pets. Motorization allows shades to be operated with a push of a button.
  • Functionality: By merely pushing a button, Comfortex Window Fashions can be opened or closed on demand to provide privacy when you want it and light control when you need it.
  • Safety: Motorization eliminates dangling cords which can be dangerous to small children and pets.
  • Rechargeable Motorization Option Available: Simplicity Shadings can be powered by a discrete and easy to use custom rechargeable battery pack.

Smooth Operation, Elegant Design

View the world with sheer wonder. Shangri-La's soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics blend to create a unique visual experience. Horizontal fabric vanes float between two layers of soft, knitted sheers. Available in 2-inch, 2½-inch and 3-inch vane widths. Sophisticated Hardware Vanes glide from open to closed to out of sight inside elegant hardware. With motorization you can choose from:
  • Cordless PowerTouch Push Button Control
  • UltraSleek Plus Head Rail
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Head Rail
  • Color Coordinated Aluminum Head Rail
  • Custom Metal Roller
Soft fabrics, Unique Performance Our Shangri-La fabric has a delicate feel but is made of a durable polyester. You'll benefit from:
  • Easy Cleaning: Feather dusting or light vacuuming is all that is needed
  • Color Choices: Choose from a variety of colors in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics
  • 3-inch Vane Options: Provide greater view-through in our most popular colors
  • Omni-View Cord System: For five distinctly different variations of vane position giving you every combination of privacy, view-through, and light control
To view all hardware options click here Certified Best for Kids Motorized Cellular Shades have been Certified Best For Kids by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA).


This product has been certified according to the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification Program and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Program for Low Emitting Products!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Shangri-La® Sheer Horizontal Window Shadings are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction.