July 27, 2016

Newport Woods Basswood Blinds

Color Lux Linen Weave Cellular
Overtone Sheer Shades

Made from 100% premium basswood, the timeless design of Newport Wood Blinds complements existing wood accents such as flooring, furniture and cabinets.

Newport Woods Basswood Blinds

Newport Woods real wood blinds are precision crafted from the finest basswood. Newport Woods combines the traditional elegance of wood blinds with the proven window blind operating system. The result is classic styling, beautiful elegance and a lifetime of easy operation.

The entire line of Comfortex Newport Wood Basswood Blinds offers the traditional warmth and beauty of wood with the superior performance of a proven operating system.

Decorative Options

Valance Options: For timeless appeal, the subtle curves of the valance create a truly elegant silhouette along the top of your Newport Wood Blinds, choose to add a decorative accent to your valance such as Keystone or decorative tape.

  • Decorative Valance: This 3" valance is a simple yet elegant valance that is standard with all Smooth and Rustic finish blinds. This profile is available with decorative tape.
  • Orleans Valance: The ribbed detailing on the 3" Orleans valance is standard with all Weathered Blinds. The Orleans valance is optional in all Smooth finish colors.
  • Province Valance: The 3" Province valance provides a contemporary finish to any blind. The Province valance is optional with all Smooth finish colors.
  • Chatham Valance: The 4" Chatham valance provides visual balance on larger windows. The Chatham valance is optional with all Smooth finish colors.
  • Keystone Valance Option: Optional decorative keystone adds a contemporary touch and additional dimension to any Newport Wood Basswood valance. Keystones conceal the splices on oversized valances or can add a decorative accent to any valance. A keystone will not affect the width of the overall width of the valance. Decorative keystone can be ordered with a tape valance, the tape will not be placed on the keystone. The tape will butt up to it on each side.
  • Decorative Tape Valance Option: Add a finishing touch to your Newport Wood Basswood Blind by selecting a decorative cloth tape to your valance.
  • Motorized Blinds: Somfy motors eliminate the need for tilt cords and allow for easy tilt control at the touch of a button.Tilt motors and Cordless hardware may be combined to eliminate All cords for superior convenience, function and safety.
  • Cordless Option: Newport Woods Basswood Blinds are available with a Cordless hardware system for maximum versatility and easy operation.
  • Cordless Lift & Lock™ Option: Newport Woods Basswood Blinds are available with Cordless Lift & Lock™ hardware system. Cordless Lift & Lock blinds can be raised and lowered by pressing the button located in the bottom rail and guiding the rail into the desired location.


  • Routed
  • Rootless " No - Holes)
  • Trapezoidal Bottom Rail (Standard)
  • Cordless Lift & Lock™ Bottom Rail
  • Two On One and Three On One Head Rail

Slat Styles

Newport Woods Blinds are offered with three slat styles:

  • 1-3/8" - An ideal fit for small windows and French doors
  • 2" - A traditional and versatile slat width
  • 2-3/8" - A larger slat which provides broader, bolder view of the outdoors

Designer Accents

A wide selection of solid and decorative tapes is available to customize your wood blinds to your own unique style

To view all hardware options click here

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Newport Woods Basswood Blinds are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction.