June 20, 2018

Roller Pro Shades

Color Lux Linen Weave Cellular
Overtone Sheer Shades

Roller Pro Roller Shades provides the perfect solution for large windows in homes and businesses. Roller Pro features a robust line of screen fabrics from Mermet® and Phifer®. Now featuring Simplicity Rechargeable motorization, Somfy hardwired motorization is also available.

Roller Pro Roller Shades

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Hardware Options

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Roller Pro Roller Shades come in the following hardware options:

  • Standard Roller: On a standard roller shade, the roller tube is visible when the fabric rolls off the back. Raise and lower standard roller shades with cord loop operation. Spring assist is available for shades between 80” x 80” to 144” x 144”.
  • Railroading/Material Splicing/Seaming: Depending on the hardware systems, all materials can be railroaded and seamed for a maximum shade size of 144 x 144”. Splice locations are figured from the bottom hem/rail of the shade up. For multiple shade orders, if one shade on the order is railroaded, the factory will automatically railroad all other shades.
  • Reverse Roll: For a uniform appearance, choose the reverse roll option on standard roller shades. The fabric rotates off the front of the roller tube, hiding the roller.
  • TouchLift Cordless: This cord-free system raises and lowers shades with one tug on the bottom rail. Choose from white or black hardware. Select a decorative pull to make operation easier and keep your shades cleaner. All cordless shades include a clear plastic handle.
  • Small, Medium and Large Cassette with Fabric Insert: Conceal the roller tube with the cassette option for an elegant look with clean lines. Small Cassettes are available with clutch control only, in white, vanilla, bronze and black. Medium and Large Cassettes are available with all operating options are available in White, Silver, Vanilla, Bronze and Black.
  • 3″ & 4″ Fascia: With clean lines and smooth metallic hardware, the 3 and 4-inch fascia placed in front of standard roller shades conceals the roller hardware and protects the fabric when the shade is fully raised. Available with clutch control only, in White, Vanilla, Silver, Bronze and Black. Skyline and R-Series compatible systems are available.
  • Simplicity Rechargeable PowerWand: An innovative hybrid between cordless and motorized options, the wand and pendant operation is attached to every shade and lifts and lowers the shade with the touch of a button. This option is perfect for any space with children, pets, or larger shades.
  • Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization: A motorized lift system raises and lowers one shade or a group of shades with the push of a button. Radio-frequency motorization is excellent for any space with large windows, multiple windows, or for the simple convenience and child-safe method of operating shades. Available with: Standard Roller and Medium and Large Cassette
  • Dual Mount Shade: This option is perfect for multi-use rooms. A single unit combines both a light filtering roller shade and a blackout roller shade. Each shade operates independently and is available in Clutch control or Somfy ST-30 Motorization.
  • 4 x 4 Pocket Headrail with Side and Bottom Channels: For a true blackout shade, side channels and bottom channels combined with a pocket headrail prevents light leakage around the shade fabric. Available in white and anodized aluminum finishes, side channels feature a light blocking wool pile for excellent light control.
  • Exterior Shades with and without Cable Guide: Exterior shades are available for all screen fabrics and feature outdoor rated components. Available with clutch control only, and not intended as a wind block, these shades are the perfect option additional sun protection and privacy outdoors.
  • Deluxe Valance: The Deluxe Valance is the perfect option to conceal standard roller shades and is available up to 144” wide. This option is available with all fabrics and has a standard height of 3-5/8”.
  • Fabric Valance: The Fabric Valance is available with all fabrics and is available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” heights and goes 144” wide. This option is perfect when a cornice-like treatment is desired.
  • Bottom Rails: Fabric Wrapped, Deluxe Painted and Heat Sealed Bottom Rails are available to achieve the desired look.

Shade Pulls

Decorative pulls maintain cleanliness and add an enhancing accent to any roller shade. Shade pulls are available in Jute Ball, Brushed Steel Cylinder and a variety of wood tones in the Barrel Pull style.

NFPA #101 and/or #701 Certificate

All fabrics in the Roller Pro program are certified fire retardant and pass NFPA fire rating tests.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Roller Pro Roller Shades are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction.