July 27, 2016

Virtuoso® Cellular Shades

Color Lux Linen Weave Cellular
Overtone Sheer Shades

Virtuoso® Cellular Shades

An attractive alternative to double honeycomb fabrics, Virtuoso combines quality light diffusion, energy efficiency and UV protection in an elegant 1/2-inch cell. Perfect for covering larger windows. Virtuoso is available in Light Filtering and Blackout color options.

Single Cell, Energy Efficient Design

Also known as honeycomb construction, the 1/2″ cell of Virtuoso cellular fabric provides an insulating layer that keeps rooms comfortable year-round, while reducing energy costs. The larger cell makes this ideal for larger windows.

Pleat Size: 1/2″

Virtuoso® Blackout shades provide light control, energy efficiency and UV protection in an elegant 1/2-inch cell.

Single Cell, Energy Efficient Design & Room Darkening Fabric

Constructed with a 1/2″ single cell, foil-lined blackout material, Virtuoso Blackout provides an excellent blackout effect that is nearly 100% opaque.

Virtuoso Blackout fabric provides an insulating layer that keeps rooms comfortable year-round, while reducing energy costs.

Pleat Size: 1/2″

Hardware Options and Operating Systems

You can choose from a variety of Hardware Options, including:

  • Cord Lock
  • Top Down – Bottom Up
  • Cord Loop
  • Cordless Ultra
  • Cordless Top Down – Bottom Up
  • Cordless Lift & Lock™
  • Two on One Head
  • Insulating SlumberShades™
  • Day Night
  • Motorized
  • SlumberShades
  • Ovation Cellular Slider
  • Specialty Shapes
  • Now Standard! Cord Loop, Cordless, Cordless Top Down-Bottom Up and Motorized Shades come with color cordinated head rail and end caps on all hardware options. 

Designer Metallic Hardware

Create a designer look with the Designer Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel Hardware on Insulating SlumberShades™ with Standard Rectangular, Top Down-Bottom Up, Cordless Ultra, Cord Loop and Cordless Top Down-Bottom Up Shades.

Highlights Cornice Valance

Elevate your windows to a whole new level of design with the award-winning Highlights Cornice Valance from Comfortex.

Non Woven Polyester Fabric

Our cellular fabric is a non woven polyester. You’ll benefit from:

  • UV Protection: nearly 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked
  • Easy Cleaning: durable, washable, dust resistant, will not fray or fade
  • Pleat retention: Your shade retains its beautiful look
  • Color Choices: Choose from a variety of colors
  • Compact stacking height: The crisp pleats raise to a small, unobtrusive stack
  • White to the outside: For a neutral street side appearance.

To view all hardware options click here

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Virtuoso® Cellular Shades are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction.


Virtuoso® Shades are available in a variety of colors and styles. Due to variances among color computer monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be the exact colors of our products.

See your local Comfortex Window Fashions dealer for physical samples.

Virtuoso ½” Light Filtering, Single Cell

Finale 400


Trombone 401


Pandora 408


Tenor 423


Tambourine 424


Destra 431







Virtuoso ½” Blackout, Single Cell

Dove White 4458

Dove White

Icicle 4459


French Vanilla 4461

French Vanilla

Fawn 4463


Mocha Cream 4464

Mocha Cream

Pinecone 4469







Cleaning & Care

Cleaning Light Filtering Fabrics:

The Virtuoso® fabric is easy to care for. Regular dusting with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner brush is recommended. Most stains can be blotted with a damp sponge and mild detergent. Before using anything stronger than mild detergent and lukewarm water, test an unobtrusive corner of the shade.

Cleaning Blackout Fabrics:

Our blackout fabrics are inherently anti-static and repel dust, but occasional cleaning may be necessary to keep the fabrics clean and bright. The fabric can be dusted with a soft, clean cloth, feather duster or lightly vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. To spot clean, use a cloth or sponge dipped in a light solution of lukewarm water and clear dish detergent and lightly dab. Do not scrub the surface. Rinse thoroughly. Complete immersion is not recommended.

For additional advice on care or cleaning, please contact our Technical Service Department at (800) 843-4151.