Window Shades

“The earth is what we all have in common”
– Wendell Berry

Windows are the greatest point of energy loss in a home or business. At Comfortex, we take our commitment to sustainable window shades, sustainable window treatments, and energy consumption seriously. Comfortex is a proud member of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, and offers numerous energy saving and environmentally friendly window treatment products. Comfortex is actively dedicated to building greener houses, buildings and communities through our custom sustainable window treatments.

The environment is important to us

Reduced Energy Consumption

Choosing the right sustainable window treatments can save you on the costs of heating and cooling your home or business. Our insulating cellular shades provide superior insulation, heat protection and sun control. Our ‘energy saving” sidetracks deliver superior insulation, by minimizing the “leakages” of cold or hot air into the room. Please consult you authorized Comfortex Dealers to understand the benefits of sustainable window shades before ordering.

Rechargeable Motorized Shades

Simplicity Rechargeable Motorized Shades help reduce your energy costs because they are controlled by remote control, by our NeoSmart APP. Simplicity motorization can even be integrated into your smart home automation system or controlled by Alexa or Google Home. Simplicity Motorized Shades can save you energy if set on a schedule, by which shades are opened or closed in response to heat and sunlight. Plus, instead of disposing of the shade’s batteries, our batteries are rechargeable and are guaranteed for 5 years. A solar panel option is also available, and harnesses the power of the sun to charge your shades batteries.

Green Fabrics

Comfortex utilized a patented “Production on Demand” manufacturing process which minimizes scrap and landfill waste. Comfortex selects fabrics and materials with both consumers and the environment in mind. Many of our sustainable window blind fabrics have been accredited with environmentally friendly certifications from 3rd party organizations. We provide safe and high quality materials and seek out fabrics from the world’s top fabric mills that contain non- harmful chemicals, odors, or VOCs.

Sustainable Window Shade Certifications

Below is a list of certifications that can be found on all applicable fabric and material samples.