Color Lux Partner Program FAQs

Who is eligible for the Color Lux Partner Program?

Each authorized Comfortex dealer who purchases a Color Lux product during the calendar year is automatically enrolled in the program.


Which Color Lux products count toward the purchase levels?

Net purchases for the following Color Lux products are counted toward Color Lux sales volumes:

  • Cellular Shades (including all Linen Weave, Verona, Boutique and Aspen)
  • Cellular “Green” Fabric
  • Roller Shades
  • Custom Graphic Shades
  • Panel Track Shades
  • Soft Roman Shades
  • Sheer Horizontal Shadings
  • Odysee Cellular Blinds
  • Cornices and Valances
  • Drapery Stationary Panels – Pairs Only

When does the Color Lux Partner Program begin and end?

The Partner Program begins each year on January 1 and concludes on December 31.

How do I earn the various status levels?

We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we have two different ways to earn Platinum, Gold and Silver levels. We review your sales results for both methods and award you the highest status level earned.

What are the two sales volume methods to earn status levels?

One method is awarding status levels based upon your total annual Color Lux sales. The other method awards status levels based upon total sales from all products AND total Color Lux sales. You will be awarded the highest level attained of the two methods. The levels and sales thresholds for both methods are listed below:

How will I know what my purchases are to date?

You are able to view your year-to-date Color Lux sales at any time on the Comfortex Dealer Portal. These totals are updated monthly.

When will I receive Priority Listing on the Comfortex Dealer Locator?

If you have made a Color Lux sale, you will receive a priority listing on the dealer locator along with a Color Lux icon next to your business information. Those who earned Platinum, Gold, or Silver status in the previous year receive a special Color Lux logo next to their listing.

How do Platinum and Gold dealers receive their 50% discount off new product sampling for “Shop At Home” or Showroom displays?

Eligible dealers should contact their Business Development Manager to place an order for these items.

Who do I contact to find out more about the Van Wrap package?

Please contact your Business Development Manager or click the following link to download the brochure.  You can also email us at

What is the process for getting Color Lux branded Land’s End Apparel?

In the Dealer Resource Center on, go to the “Apparel Store”. Order your apparel and provide a copy of your invoice to your Business Development Manager for reimbursement.

What is the process for reimbursement for Vista Print Color Lux marketing materials?

Order your marketing materials and provide a copy of your invoice to your Business Development Manager for reimbursement.